How to find a professional technician by yourself

We all want a professional technician to work for us. But in fact, there are not many experienced technicians. Therefore, we will have to work hard to know how professional this person is. Initially, try to search for 3-5 recommended technicians.
  • Enter the name of the technician you are interested in on Google, whether it appears on reviews or other forums. Read to compare the advantages and disadvantages of each technician. However, there are a lot of fake reviews, so you have to use your discretion
  • Visit the company’s website or Facebook to notice whether it is neat and beautiful or not because most professionals always pay attention to every detail about themselves.
  • Call the company to make an appointment so that they can come to inspect the house, introduce the work and make a quotation. This time will be an important moment because you will have an opportunity to ask about everything you want and need to know. Let’s see who comes to introduce, the salesperson or the owner (this will let us know the company’s size). Is their appearance reliable or not? Do they come on time? Before starting the work, you should ask about all the work processes from the beginning to the end to see the company system. Ask about how long the company has been open. Ask about their past works or company portfolio and whether they ever work for any house in this housing estate. Then let them introduce their job so you can notice their intention, whether they are willing to introduce and give advice or just intend to sell the business. Don’t forget to check whether they can solve problems from your needs and your house limitations. Find the company’s difference from others and see whether it is good for you. Does the company meet your needs? After the work introduction, a professional company should have a quotation with clear job details so there will be no problems later, namely uncompleted work, unfinished work, and the result not as discussed. The quotation will help eliminate this problem, but after you get the quotation, you should check it with the actual job onsite again to see whether the work is done precisely as we want.
  • Another observation to see whether this company is professional or not is that they will usually have an exact timeline for production and installation. And most importantly, you have to wait for a longer queue than other companies because everyone wants professionals to work at home, is it true?

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